Anytime a pregnant woman suffers any kind of trauma, the immediate concern is her well-being and the well-being of her baby. A car accident can cause a variety of pregnancy injuries, being the leading cause of severe maternal injury and fetal mortality. Learn how a car accident can affect a pregnant woman and what to do if you or your baby were hurt in a car accident caused by someone else.

What Happens if a Pregnant Woman Is Hurt in a Car Accident?

Even though an unborn child is protected by amniotic fluid, a hard impact may cause injuries to the mother and her baby. Whenever a pregnant woman is in a car accident, she should seek medical help right away.

Even if she and her baby appear to be well, the stress and trauma from the accident can trigger a variety of problems, including premature birth. It is best to be examined by a doctor who can monitor your situation and ensure the baby is well or detect any problems as early as possible.

What Are Some of the Possible Pregnancy Injuries Resulting From a Car Accident?

Even a less serious car accident could be a reason for concern if one of the parties involved was a pregnant woman. Possible pregnancy issues arising from a car accident may include internal bleeding, miscarriage, or premature birth.

In addition, congenital disabilities, fetal trauma, and placenta abruption are also possible after a car accident and need immediate care. The traumatic experience of a car accident can also cause health conditions that may cause the mother to be considered as having a high-risk pregnancy and require special care and monitoring.

Can a Pregnant Woman Get Compensation for Her Injuries After a Car Accident?

If a pregnant woman was hurt in an auto accident caused by someone else, she might be entitled to compensation for her injuries and her baby’s injuries, if applicable. The at-fault party may have to reimburse her for all medical care and expenses related to the accident and the specialized care she and her baby may require in the course of recovering from the accident. In addition, she may also seek payment for her pain, suffering, and emotional distress caused by the accident.

When Should You Consult a Personal Injury Attorney?

If your pregnancy has been affected by a car accident caused by someone else, it may be in your best interest to reach out to a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Your truck accidents attorney can inform you of your rights as a victim and help you determine the best course of action to receive compensation.